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Non-PAE SLC6X / i386 variant

Scientific Linux CERN 6 Non-PAE / i386 variant TEST

As of 2012 CERN Experiments are using large numbers of VME-based single board systems featuring Pentium III / Pentium M processors not implementing PAE (Page Address Extensions) technology. Standard SLC 6X does not support such systems, therefore we have prepared a special variant which can be installed and used on Non-PAE 32 bit systems.

This version (i386nonpae) features same set of packages as standard SLC6X i386 version, except for the kernel and sl-release packages. Kernel package has been rebuild without PAE support and sl-release package contains set of additional repositories for future non-PAE kernel updates.

Please note: This is a TEST variant of SLC6X/i386 version, not to be used in production.


Standard Scientific Linux CERN 6 installation instructions do apply, except for installation images location and installation path. The SLC6X i386nonpae version can also be installed from Network Installation System ("Expert Operating System Install Menu" -> "Scientific Linux CERN Install Menu" -> "Install SLC 6.3 NONPAE").


Reqular SLC6 updates are applicable to this version, except kernel/sl-release updates. i386nonpae systems are preconfigured to automatically fetch and apply all updates from standard SLC6/i386 repositories, excluding kernel/sl-release packages. kernel and sl-release packages are provided from additional i386nonpae specific repositories.

Note:: Non-PAE kernel updates will be published only on request from CERN Experiments (probably starting in 2013 only).


Only limited support (distribution packaging/ installation) is provided to collaborating CERN Experiment groups.


Current i386nonpae SLC6X release is 6.3 (17.08.2012).