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CentOS Stream 9

CentOS Stream 9 was deprecated within the CERN environment on 30.06.2023, see OTG0074647

Release status

  • CentOS Stream 9 was made available upstream on the 03.12.2021
  • CentOS Stream 9 was made available at CERN on 09.02.2022
  • CentOS Stream 9 support at CERN is slated for decommission on 30.06.2023. We recommend all new installs to use either AlmaLinux or Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Please refer to Which distribution should I use if you are not sure

How does CERN use CentOS Stream 9?

System updates

CentOS Stream 9 updates are staged

  • A 'production' repository is provided, which most systems will use and is updated once per week (except for critical security vulnerability patches)
  • A 'testing' repository is also provided which is updated daily
  • Snapshots of CentOS repositories are performed daily and can be found at this URL
  • The 'cern-dnf-tool' is a new package that can be used to easily switch between 'production', 'testing' or 'snapshot' repositories
  • The 'dnf-autoupdate' package is provided for automatic (distro-sync) updates (the same as CC7).

Modified packages

Note: Unless otherwise stated above, CentOS Stream 9 packages (rpms) are the very same packages released by the upstream CentOS team.

Deployment / Howto

Documentation is in the process of being updated. Currently there are not too many major differences between CentOS Stream 9 and CentOS Stream 8, thus the documentation for CentOS Stream 8 may be helpful.