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SLC6: Windows Terminal Services access

Using CERN Windows Terminal Services on Scientific Linux CERN


  • Read CERN Windows Terminal Services documentation.
  • Ensure that the rdesktop and (optionally) tsclient packages are installed.
    If this is not the case, you can install them manually (as root):
    % /usr/bin/yum install tsclient rdesktop

Command line tool: Remote Desktop (rdesktop)

Example: to connect to CERN WTS, run

rdesktop -u CERN-account -d CERN

This command will open a connection to the Terminal Service, using login name CERN-account, and the CERN Windows domain. For more options see man rdesktop.

Graphical user interface: Terminal Server Client (tsclient)

Start Terminal Server Client by selecting it from G/K Menu -> Internet -> Terminal Server Client or typing tsclient on command line. When interface starts, click on "Add Connection", and select "Windows Terminal Service".
In the "Edit Connection" window, enter the following information:
Name: cernts
Username: CERN account
Password: CERN password
Domain: CERN
and select the window size you want.
Double clicking on the new 'cernts' icon will bring you to Windows Terminal Server login screen. After Windows login sequence completes you will be able to use installed (subset of) MS Windows applications.


In case of problems please report to