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SLC6: qemu-kvm PXE booting workaround

Workaround for SLC6 qemu-kvm network (PXE) booting

After February 2016 update of CERN Network Installation System (AIMS2), qemu-kvm on SLC6 is not able to boot from the network properly anymore.

As a workaround until a permanent solution is found please use following precedure.

  • Download gpxe-1.0.1-gpxe.iso.
  • In Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) reconfigure virtual system:
    • Add a Storage - CDROM device type.
    • Mount downloaded gpxe-1.0.1 iso image.
    • Adjust Boot Options enabling boot from CDROM and disabling Network (PXE).
    • Change Network Adapter (NIC) model to e1000.
  • Boot the virtual system from CDROM. (it will issue a PXE request)
  • At the 'Welcome to network installation system' screen.
    • Linux installation: proceed to standard installation.
    • Windows installation:
      • Choose 'Expert Operating System Install Menu' submenu.
      • Choose 'CERN (NICE) Windows Install Menu'.
      • Choose 'Install a Windows 64-bit / 32-bit OLD image'.