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SLC6 - Managing configuration

Configuration Management


Scientific Linux CERN 6 systems use some of system configuration tools from Quattor toolsuite.
These tools have been modified to allow standalone operation of the configuration subsystem without the Quattor CDB (Configuration DataBase). The frontend command for running configuration tools is /usr/sbin/lcm - Local Configuration Manager. This system is used to preconfigure machine for CERN site wide defaults.

In the default system setup all necessary components are preinstalled on Scientific Linux CERN 6 system.

Individual system settings shall be configured using provided system configuration tools.

System Configuration

The configuration file for the system is


in the default setup this file is empty and the LCM (Local Configuration Manager) uses built in defaults.
In order to see available configuration Components, driven by LCM you can run:

# /usr/sbin/lcm --list

Configuring Components

In order to configure all components run:

# /usr/sbin/lcm --configure --all

In order to configure named component (for example global machine ssh configuration), run:

# /usr/sbin/lcm --configure ssh

Un-configuring Components

In order to un-configure component run:

# /usr/sbin/lcm --unconfigure component

(Please note that most of components do not actually implement the unconfigure action ...)

Updating installed Components

In order to update already configured components run:

# /usr/sbin/lcm --update