Cfg3ware driver

CERN Linux certification status

Entities that depend on 3ware driver:


namestatusresponsibledependency statusblockingcommenttimestamp
Network serversunknown David Gutierrezwont2011-05-06

Current entity: 3ware driver (configuration)


namestatusresponsibledependency statuslast polltimestampcommentdistrib
3ware driverwont Jarek Polok(none)2011-05-06Now part of the kernel

Entities that 3ware driver depends on:


OKtested and worked ok, no serious problems found
TESTTest in progress
FAILTested and failed
WONTWill not be tested (e.g. not part of the certification or will be running a custom version of Linux)
WORKSFORMETested (but not neccessarily by maintainer or exhaustive), seems to work.Also used for commercial applications without formal support for this platform, but which seem to work.
UNKNOWNnot tested or no feedback from maintainer, no other reports of success or failure
MISSINGrequired (perhaps only in previous versions) but not provided