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SLC6: Scientific Linux CERN 6

What is Scientific Linux CERN 6 (SLC6) ?

Scientific Linux CERN 6 is be a Linux distribution build within the framework of Scientific Linux which in turn is rebuilt from the freely available Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (Server) product sources under terms and conditions of the Red Hat EULA. Scientific Linux CERN is built to integrate into the CERN computing environment but it is not a site-specific product: all CERN site customizations are optional and can be deactivated for external users.

Scientific Linux CERN 6.1 (SLC6.1) BETA

A BETA version of SLC6 is available since 09.06.2011 for installs via the PXE network boot at CERN from the main Install Menu'

If you would like to participate in discussions about future SLC6 please join mailing list.

Known problems

- 'recommended setup' installation option is not definitive.
kerberized SSH
- make sure that /etc/hosts does not include real DNS hostname for localhost ( or ::1) - make sure that keytab(s) are generated OK (see above)
more to come ...

Certification status

Formal certification of SLC6 started on 31st of January, please see certification pages.